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Fit Over 40

"Growing Old is Inevitable...Feeling Old is a Choice"

Fit over 40...Really? 


It's about training smarter and maximizing your efforts.  It's about focusing on movement first and then building a strong healthy body.  Pair this with a sound nutritional approach and you now have the tools to be in the best shape of your life...AFTER 40.


The physical challenges we face as we get older can't be solved with an enormous aerobic engine, yet that is what the vast majority of us are trying to do with the over emphasis on aerobic activities.


Function declines as we age because we progressively get stiff and weak and our exercise routines do nothing to address these two MAJOR problems.  Lets also not forget that being stiff and weak is reflected in how you carry yourself and how you might look in a suit, be it a business suit or bathing suit.


  • Research shows that on average, people lose about 5 lbs of lean mass per decade between the ages of 25-65.  That's 20lbs of VERY metabolically active tissue... gone.

  • Research also shows that on average, individuals experience a 2-4% decline in their resting metabolic rate (RMR) with each passing decade after the age of 25. This means a 25 year old with a RMR of 1500 will have a RMR of 1200 by the time they're 55. This deficit adds up quickly.


The above two bullet points on the surface look pretty bad, but there is a silver lining.  Because muscle is so metabolically active, this 20lb muscle loss is probably directly responsible for much of the metabolic losses.  This suggest that metabolic decline isn't an age thing, but rather a lifestyle related thing. In other words, the loss of muscle and RMR is self inflicted!


Most of us dread getting older because of the physical decline, loss of function and inevitable loss of independence.  This dreaded decline doesn't need to happen, but we need to change our focus, the sooner the better.  


Think of it as planning for your retirement, the more years put towards the planning, the better situated you are upon retirement.  The same holds true for your body, begin planning today for a healthy, fun and functional tomorrow.  


Change Your Exercise Priorities


If we're going to reverse the trend of muscle loss, Resting Metabolic Rate and physical decline, we need to fend off with all our might from getting weak and stiff.  


The Plan


  • OMIT or greatly limit muscle wasting activities

  • Improve how you move and your mobility

  • Enhance posture


  • Adopt an eating strategy as simple as this:

















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John doing a weighted Chin-up

       John Miller, Owner OSF, 50 years old                Doing a set of bodyweight +55lb  chin-ups and

proving you can be Fit Over 40!

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