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Why Do You Hate My Friend? ~ by Stacy DeMars

Seriously…why?! She is awesome! She is smart, funny, has a great personality and not to mention she is gorgeous…so why do you keep putting her down? Oh and by the way if I haven’t mentioned it yet, my friend…is you!

We live in a very negative society, we are constantly being judged, which in turn makes us judge ourselves. Yesterday alone I heard 3 different women say something negative about themselves in the span of 5 minutes. It seems that women especially are hard on their own appearance…how often do you hear or worse, say “my stomach is too fat, my butt is too big, I hate my arms….etc, etc etc.” It seems we can never be satisfied with what we have.

At the functional training summit last month Alywn Cosgrove started his presentation by saying “take a look to the right of you and say to the person there…you are damn lucky…to be sitting next to a winner like me.” Everyone laughed and it was a great start to his awesome lecture.

What if we took that premise but instead of looking to the person on the right, look in a mirror and say “you are damnnnnnn lucky…to be such a beautiful person”. Go ahead say it, I’ll wait (cue the Jeopardy theme)…how did it go? feel better? Probably not yet but I’m willing to bet if you say that each morning or heck each time you look in a mirror it will start to change your outlook on yourself and start taking those negatives and making them positives!

Because my friend we only get one body and you should love the one you are given, cherish it, feed it, nourish it, educate it, pamper it…whatever you need to do to feel GOOD about it. Because you are damnnnn lucky to have it!

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